A rubber door installation at Texcan's brand new headquarters helped speed up operations.

In December 2015, Creative Door's Vancouver branch installed a state-of-the-art high speed rubber door at the new Texcan Head Office and Warehouse in Surrey, British Columbia.

As one of Canada's largest wire and cable distributors, Texcan needed entry to and departure from its high traffic facility to be as efficient in its operations as possible. Able to withstand the demands of a round-the-clock operation, the TNR model HDFX High Speed Rubber Door was the best product for the job.

Tr Hdfx High Speed Door

Rubber overhead doors are nearly indestructible and are ideal for industrial and commercial projects that rely on the easy flow of materials inside and outside of a facility.

"What's unique about this model is that although it's thinner than most rubber doors, it's more lightweight," says Shane McMahon, commercial service sales rep at Creative Door in Vancouver.

Typically, rubber doors are 1/4" thick but this model is 3/32" thick, yet still durable, and allows the door to raise and lower with unrivaled speed. The high speed operator opens the door up to 60" per second and closes up to 30" per second.

"The model HDFX is a hybrid that combines the speed benefits of a lightweight material with the durability of traditional rubber doors." says McMahon.

The TNR product line is also designed to withstand accidental collisions with vehicles or equipment. If a collision does occur, the door features a patented NEWGEN Guide and Curtain Lock System that allows it to be quickly reset without the need for professional repair.

"Not only did it fit within our customer's budget, but the model HDFX was also easy to install which was important because of the project's relatively quick turnaround time," says McMahon. "The installation of the door was one of the facility's finishing touches so things needed to move quickly to get it up and running within a month's time."

With a wide variety of high-performance options, Creative Door can help you find the right commercial and industrial garage door to meet your operations' needs. Contact us to find a branch near you.

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