Calgary LRT Project

Keeping Calgary Moving - Calgary LRT Maintenance Garage Project

The Calgary LRT, also known locally as the C-Train, has recently gone through a $6.5 million revival which includes the addition of a new LRT Maintenance Garage. The LRT in Calgary runs three to four car trains to 45 different stations with a network of over 50 kilometres of track, and all of these trains require servicing at the new LRT maintenance garage.  Vehicle repairs, inspections, maintenance, and cleaning of the light rail vehicles are all completed within this maintenance garage.  

Creative Door Services’ Calgary office was delighted to have played a key role in this enormous revitalization project. We were awarded the honour of supplying and installing the specialized doors for the Oliver Bowen LRT Maintenance Facility. The unique overhead door system had to be custom designed and developed to fit and allow for proper entry and exit of all light rail vehicles. The doors had to offer the ability to open and close while maintaining a live connection with overhead catenary electrical lines. This design allows the light rail vehicles to stay powered while they are in the facility and need to move in and out of the service bays.

Our team’s solution, in collaboration with Door Engineering, was to design unique bi-fold doors that have special channels manufactured into them to enable the LRT power cables to run through. These channels allow the electrical lines to remain in place on the train to facilitate moving the trains in and out of the facility.

The latest advancements in safety technology were also included to ensure safety for all operators and to prevent any service interruptions due to the volume of dependence on the existing infrastructure. Creative Door Services’ Calgary office routinely performs maintenance on the Calgary LRT doors to prevent any problems from impairing the system.

A happy LRT means a vibrant city, and Creative Door Services is proud to be a part of what keeps Calgary moving!

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