PCL - Agrium Potash Mine in Saskatoon

Oil field giant PCL Industrial Management Inc., in partnership with SNC-Lavalin Inc., was recently awarded the contract to provide services for Agrium’s Vanscoy potash plant southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The mine itself is the deepest of its kind currently sitting at a total of 1,600 meters in depth. 

Naturally, safety is a top priority at such a heavy industrial site, and the Vanscoy Potash Operations(VPO) mine is incredibly proud to boast one of the strictest safety regimens in the industry. Creative Door Services was contracted by PCL Construction who was required to meet the extremely stringent safety requirements in order to be considered for the project.  We were thrilled to be selected as a vendor of choice for the PCL contracting team.

The project consisted of the installation of a total of 10 doors as part of the mine’s billion dollar facility upgrade. The majority of these doors are built to a 16 foot by16 foot variance.  To add further complexity to the project one of these incredibly large doors needed to be installed 70 feet in the air.  Always up for a challenge, our Creative Door team completed the installation with no issues.

The TNR rubber doors are built on a stainless steel frame designed to last for years to come.  If there are any issues with the doors in the future Creative Door is the listed as the on-call emergency door servicing company for the mine.

The building process for this massive upgraded facility has been ongoing for several years.  Each door was required to be installed individually at different times. The upgrade is nearly complete with only one door remaining to be installed for this project. The end is in sight for the highest value and one of the largest installation jobs that we have ever completed. We are thankful that the project went off without a hitch and are very happy to report PCL Construction is a completely satisfied client.

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