Won-Door DuraSound™: Acoustically Rated Folding Partitions

Won-Door’s DuraSound™ accordion folding door is the gold standard in innovative space management solutions, facilitating maximum flexibility and space utilization. Engineered with precision, this door system efficiently divides larger environments into multiple smaller spaces, offering unparalleled adaptability for various settings and needs. Is DuraSound™ the right solution for your facility? Here’s what you need to know.

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Unmatched Features

Won-Door’s DuraSound™ door has a lot going for it. Here’s why you should consider Won-Door for your business.

  • It’s easy to operate. Weighing just over four pounds per square foot, the DuraSound™ door is easy to open, ensuring smooth and convenient operation for users of all ages.
  • It’s stylish. Beyond its functional benefits, the DuraSound™ door adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates with various architectural styles.
  • It’s low maintenance. With no floor track, cleaning and upkeep of DuraSound™ doors are a breeze. This design simplifies maintenance routines, saving facility managers time and effort.
  • It blocks sound. Equipped with two independent rows of steel panels and a dead-air space in between, the DuraSound™ door offers unparalleled sound attenuation, achieving an impressive Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 48. This exceptional level of soundproofing ensures that loud noises are barely audible, enhancing privacy and comfort within interior spaces.
  • It’s durable. The DuraSound™ door is constructed to withstand severe impacts, providing robust security against intrusion. Its resilient finish is also resistant to peeling, marring, and scratching, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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Which Facilities Benefit Most from Won-Door’s Soundproof Doors?

Won-Door’s DuraSound™ door can be used in many settings. Here’s an overview of some of the ways businesses and institutions use accordion folding doors.

  1. Schools. Won-Door’s DuraSound™ door partitions off areas during assemblies, events, or emergencies. They provide flexible space management and ensure safety by creating designated evacuation routes or secure areas.
  2. Hospitals. Accordion doors can section off areas for medical procedures or traffic control, such as patient rooms, treatment areas, or corridors. They help maintain privacy, facilitate efficient patient flow, and enhance infection control measures.
  3. Restaurants. DuraSound™ doors are ideal for eateries and cafes to create private dining spaces, separate bar areas, or temporarily close off sections for cleaning or maintenance.
  4. Places of worship. The DuraSound™ door can separate gathering spaces, classrooms, or offices, allowing for multifunctional use of the facility while ensuring the necessary reverence and quiet in specific areas.
  5. Hotels. Won-Door’s DuraSound™ door can enhance the guest experience by providing sound-proof barriers between rooms or event spaces.
  6. Commercial offices. This door serves as a movable partition for conference rooms, meeting spaces, or temporary work areas. The versatility helps promote collaborative work environments and adapts to changing office needs.
  7. Performing arts theatres. The DuraSound™ door can create acoustic barriers between different performance areas, control sound levels during rehearsals or performances, and ensure smooth transitions between backstage and front-of-house areas.
  8. Government buildings. This door could help secure sensitive areas such as offices, meeting rooms, or storage spaces while also allowing quick access during emergencies or evacuations.
  9. Libraries. This door could help create designated quiet zones or study areas within the library, minimizing distractions and allowing for flexible space management to accommodate different activities or events.
  10. Fitness centres. The DuraSound™ door could be used to partition off areas for different fitness classes or training sessions, minimizing noise interference between activities.
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Professional Installation and Maintenance

Professional installation of pedestrian doors like Won-Door’s DuraSound™ accordion folding doors is crucial for ensuring optimal functionality, durability, and safety. Creative Door Services™ technicians have the expertise to properly align and secure the door components, minimizing the risk of operational issues and potential hazards.

Keep your pedestrian doors in peak condition by speaking with one of our Creative Door Services™ professionals to set up your annual planned maintenance program. Our skilled technicians will routinely visit your premises to examine the components and functionality of your pedestrian doors. By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, our planned maintenance program can help reduce the risk of unplanned malfunctions, ensuring smooth operation and helping to prolong the lifespan of your doors.

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Soundproof Doors for Every Need

If you need a stylish, functional, and soundproof door, Creative Door Services™ has what you’re looking for. Won-Door’s DuraSound™ accordion folding door embodies excellence in every aspect, from sleek design to unparalleled functionality and soundproofing. Trust Creative Door Services™ to deliver top-notch installation and maintenance services, ensuring that your Won-Door system continues to exceed expectations. Experience the WONDER of Won-Door!

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