High Performance Commercial Doors for More Efficient Terminal Operation

High Performance Commercial Doors

In 2010, Edmonton Transit System (ETS) acquired a 300,000-square-foot facility to help with its overcrowded bus terminals. With constant traffic flowing in and out of the Centennial Garage, we chose our heavy-duty and high-speed rubber doors to keep up with a fast-paced terminal.

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The massive commercial doors open and close in a matter of seconds and are equipped with advanced safety features to protect buses and operators.

Let’s look at why a high-performance commercial door is the best option for a bus terminal to operate.

Hustling Success with High-Performance Commercial Doors


Our line of high performance doors has self-supporting steel frames with durable rubber roll-up curtains to withstand harsh environments and busy operations of a transit terminal. These doors are built to keep up with heavy daily usage and extreme weather conditions.

The structural support is made from heavy-duty steel with wide tracks for the commercial door to glide on. It’s also built with an advanced guide-mounted thru-beam photoelectric sensor for unparalleled speed and performance. The control panel is a multi-function PLC, which is a specialized computer used to operate machines and processes.


High performance commercial doors are built to last. Quick speeds (30 to 60 inches per second) to open and close the door, are ideal for fast-paced operations like a bus terminal or a manufacturing station. These huge doors can be installed for commercial or industrial applications, spanning up to 20-feet in width or height.

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Featured commercial door in photo: TNR Model HDM

Features include an inverter drive, which allows for a soft start and soft stop, as well as impact release technology, which lets the door run in mere minutes after impact. For example, if a strong gust of wind or an object impacted the door, the downtime to reset it is very minimal.

These commercial doors are practically maintenance-free and are easy to install. They don’t come with hinges, cables, pulleys, or tension springs for a sleeker profile. They also have options for colours, windows, hoods, travelling windbar, and self-extinguishing door curtains.

High-Performance Door Applications

The rugged durability of high-performance doors is ideal for demanding commercial and industrial applications like:

  • Manufacturing

  • Food processing

  • Automotive

  • Bus transit stations

  • Parking garages

  • Postal, airports and railways.

Basically, if your business has multiple or large vehicles moving continuously in and out of a building, high performance commercial doors are your ideal choice. These doors are designed to withstand challenging environments and keep dirt, dust, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures outside.


Featured commercial door in photo: TNR Model HDS

Durable design, advanced hybrid technology, and cost efficiency make high-performance doors the best commercial door for any commercial or industrial operation. Contact your nearest Creative Door branch to find the right high performance door and commercial operator for your business.

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