The Sectional Door That Keeps a Fire Station Up and Running

Six months ago, the City of Saskatoon fire station visited us with a commercial door installation inquiry. Little did we know that it would be one of our most efficient installation projects, merging two Creative Door teams from our Edmonton and Saskatoon branches.

Before reaching out to Creative Door, the fire chiefs in Saskatoon already had their eyes on a cutting-edge commercial door. They had heard about this new sectional door that was stirring up attention at their Edmonton counterpart. And it was none other than our Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Doors.

These commercial sectional doors are lightweight, fast, and reliable—perfect for emergency facilities that rely on quick and responsive door operations. They also come in customizable glass panels to increase visibility and let natural light inside the facility.

Let’s find out how our Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Door is setting the bar high for specialty commercial doors in Western Canada’s emergency services community.

SlidetiteTM Four-Fold Doors: Stunning & Sleek

sectional overhead garage door

Featured product: Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Door 


Our Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Door features a track system constructed from zinc-coated steel, providing unparalleled structural integrity. It boasts its quiet and smooth operation, thanks to its three nylon wheel carrier.

Featuring motion/proximity sensors and warning beepers, the Slidetite™ model is designed to minimize pinch and safety hazards. It requires low maintenance without compromising performance.

With fewer moving components compared to traditional sectional doors, Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Doors have a lower chance of malfunctioning, which means lower repair and maintenance costs.


Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Doors are known for their fast opening speed. In less than half the time of typical sectional doors, Slidetite™ doors can keep up with busy terminal and emergency facilities.

Reliable and responsive, Slidetite™ Four-Fold Doors also feature custom door panel designs, vision lites, grilles, mesh, and wood cladding to match any design or look you have in mind.

Slidetite™ Four-Fold Door Application

Our Slidetite™ doors will be a stunning new addition to your building, whilst serving as a reliable forefront for urgent situations. Whether for transit terminals, fire stations, medical facilities, or sally ports, our Slidetite™ Four-Fold Doors are designed to answer the unique needs of emergency facilities.

We highly recommend our Richards-Wilcox Slidetite™ Four-Fold Doors to the following applications:

  • Fire halls

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) facilities

  • Transit terminals

  • Sally ports

  • Security and parking garage gates

  • Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) facilities

Looking for a specialty door for your unique projects? We believe that one size doesn’t fit all, so we carry a wide selection of specialty doors ideal for any projects, big or small. Contact your nearest Creative Door branch and let us know what you need.

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