The Best Types of Garage Doors for Coastal Area Homes

When choosing a new garage door, it’s a good idea to consider your region’s climate. This is particularly important if you have an oceanside property or live near the coast. The high level of moisture and salt in the air, coupled with strong winds, can wreak havoc on a garage door that wasn’t designed to withstand these conditions. Luckily, Creative Door Services offers an extensive selection of residential garage doors that can stand up to some of Canada’s most extreme climates. 

In this blog, we identify the most common garage door issues for coastal homes then look at which garage door materials are best-suited for this climate.  


How a coastal climate can impact a garage door

The weather in coastal areas can have a detrimental effect on the average garage door. Some common problems include: 

  • Warping. This can be a problem for wood garage doors. If they absorb too much moisture, the excess moisture can cause them to deform. Warping will mar the appearance of the door and potentially affect its operations, thereby posing safety and security risks.
  • Rot. This is another problem that can impact wood garage doors. Excess moisture is likely to cause mould and rot to form. This can affect the door’s appearance, its ability to insulate, and the way it functions.
  • Rust. Steel garage doors can develop rust in coastal climates. This detracts from the doors’ appearance and, if extensive, can compromise its structural integrity. Hardware on garage doors — steel or otherwise — are also more prone to rust in humid regions.
  • Wind damage. High winds can push and pull garage doors, causing them to detach from their tracks and even collapse. Less robust garage doors, no matter the material, are vulnerable to wind damage.
  • Fading. If you live in a coastal region that gets a lot of sunlight, the UV rays may cause your garage door’s finish to fade over time. However, this depends on the material of your garage door and its colour. Dark tones soak up more rays than lighter ones and are more prone to fading and peeling due to sun exposure.


Types of garage doors that are suited to coastal areas

As already outlined, you’re going to want a garage door that’s resistant to warping, rot, rust, and strong winds. Here’s how the different garage door materials stack up:


  • Vinyl. Vinyl garage doors are ideal for coastal regions. They’re made of solid, durable plastic (PVC) that’s resistant to rust, rot, and warping. In addition, their colour won’t fade in the sun, thanks to their UV-resistant finish.

    Creative Door Services carries Specialty Vinyl Garage Door 8700 from Wayne Dalton. This quality door won’t fade, rust, dent, or crack, even when exposed to the salt air and high humidity.
  • Fibreglass. If you love the look of woodgrain, fibreglass garage doors are a great substitute for wood. They can be produced with a faux-wood finish that’s indistinguishable from the real thing, and they’re entirely resistant to rust and rot.

    If you’re looking for a high-end fibreglass door with an elegant woodgrain finish, consider the  Model 8680 Fibreglass Garage Door from Wayne Dalton.
  • Glass. A quality glass garage door like the Modern Glass Garage Door 8800 from Wayne Dalton is a great option for milder coastal climates. It has an aluminum frame that won’t rust and is available with wind load reinforcement.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is a rust-resistant metal. However, as aluminum garage doors are typically lightweight, they aren’t always the best option for areas that get intense winds and storms. If you opt for an aluminum garage door for your coastal property, be sure to choose a robust product.
  • Steel. Although steel is naturally prone to rust, many modern garage doors, including Wayne Dalton’s line of classic steel doors, are manufactured with an anti-corrosion protective coating, making them suitable for coastal areas.
  • Wood. As mentioned, wood isn’t the ideal choice for coastal climates due to the possibility of warping and wood rot. However, wood garage doors are still a viable option if you don’t mind the extra upkeep and choose a high-quality door.



The importance of garage door maintenance in coastal areas

Even if the door itself is rust-resistant, the parts and hardware will still be vulnerable to rust buildup. Extensive rust on certain parts, such as the spring or the chain of the opener, can cause your garage door to suddenly fail, which presents a serious safety risk. 

As rust buildup is accelerated in humid climates, it’s important to have your garage serviced regularly, ideally about once a year. A garage door technician will inspect every part of your garage and apply lubrication where needed. 

It’s also recommended that you clean your garage door regularly to wash away salt, especially if it’s made of steel or wood.



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