Product Specs


  • Built to move the heaviest sliding industrial gates and garage doors
  • The gearmotar can support sliding gates with a maximum weight of 1,800 kg
  • Twin-disk clutch enables thrust adjustment from 0 to 110 daN
  • Anti-crushing technology stops doors quickly to prevent harm
  • Braking device keeps doors closed, so no need for electronic locks or bolts
  • Cataphoresis treated and polyester painted steel is highly resistant to harsh environmental factors
  • Constant lubrication and premium quality mechanics guarantee the longevity of this unit
  • State-of-the-art control board provides safety and reliability with electronically programmable commands


  • Do not use operator for applications that require it to be fixed at heights where it cannot be easily reached



Material  Galvanized Steel
Speed 9.5 metres/minute
Capacity Continuous
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