Product Specs


  • Safety is guaranteed with the reverse contact feature
  • Easy maintenance with external removable housing unit
  • Resilient springs support up to 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use
  • Opening speed of less than six seconds for a 8 metre beam
  • Adjustable passage width ranging from 2 meters to 8 meters
  • High performance programmable LED lights guarantee high visibility for traffic regulation
  • 24V Hybird heart and hydraulic pump with brushless motor permits the movement of beams at high speed
  • Ability to efficiently switch and operate on a power supply from 100 Vac to 240 Vac in cases of non-optimal power supply
  • High performance backup battery ensures operations during power outages


  • Upright post is available in stainless-steel or steel versions
  • Four colour options are available



Material  Galvanized Steel
Speed 6 seconds
Capacity Continuous
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