Product Specs


  • Ice Breaker Mode can effortlessly cut through built up snow and ice
  • Can withstand temperatures of -25°C to 70°C without a heater
  • Intelligent charging system monitors battery condition to maximize battery life
  • 4000 feet of gate travel after power loss
  • Online events log allows for easy troubleshooting
  • Adjustable open and close speeds
  • 5 year warranty


  • Hy5A intelligent vehicle detectors
  • Photo eye sensors
  • Hy8Relay™ extended relay module with eight additional programmable relay outputs
  • HyNet™ Gateway for communication and security monitoring
  • Extended battery backup kit
  • Solar energy compatible


  • Maximum leaf length of 12 metres
  • Maximum gate of 1500 lb


Material  Galvanized Steel
Speed Adjustable speed
Capacity Millions of cycles, 1500 lbs
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