Product Specs


  • Retro-reflective photo eye included to sense vehicle motion
  • Anti-tailgate technology allows for quick close to prevent unauthorized vehicles
  • P3 Motors® capable of withstanding heavy usage and are designed to last over one million cycles
  • Soft stop and start is gentle on hardware and extends product life
  • Fire department compliance and emergency release allow manual access when necessary
  • Battery backup guarantees 146 cycles or 24 days of operations during power outages
  • Surge Suppression protects against electrical surges or lightning strikes
  • Security+ 2.0® eliminates interference and keeps wireless code secure
  • Five year warranty


  • A variety of photo eyes available to monitor and sense vehicles
  • Internet Gateway to allow easy access to MyQ® technology
  • Wireless keypad and remote controls
  • Telephone entry access system
  • Solar panel
  • Heater to ensure operations in cold weather (to -40°C)


  • Maximum leaf length of 18 feet
  • Maximum leaf weight of 1200 lbs


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