Choose The Right Garage Door To Match Your Lifestyle

Your garage door says a lot about you — or at least it should! When shopping for a new garage door, it’s important to think about how well it suits your lifestyle. In this article, the team at Creative Door Services helps you determine which garage door type and which garage door features would be most appropriate for you and your family.



If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, then a glass garage door is an option to consider. Glass garage doors are beautiful, striking, and tend to work great with modern styles of homes. Plus, you can customize them right down to the type of glass (clear, tinted, frosted, opaque, or mirrored). 

wayne dalton RD-8450 luminous opaque black garage door

One of the most original glass garage doors on the market is the “frameless” Model 8450 Luminous from Wayne Dalton. 

If a glass garage door isn’t right for your home or your region, another way to make a statement is by personalizing your wood, steel, vinyl, or fibreglass garage door with customization options. Choose the panel style, colour, window options, and decorative hardware that best aligns with your creative vision. 

For example, Wayne Dalton’s Model 9100-9605 steel garage doors are available with the TruChoice™ Colour System, which allows you to choose from 6,000 colours and perfectly match your garage door to your front door, trim, and other home features. Moreover, you can choose between dozens of elegant window designs. 

Just remember, the key thing is to match the door to the style of your home. You always want your garage door to complement your home.



Some people prefer a classic aesthetic or to have a home that features traditional architecture. If you want to achieve a timeless look, carriage house doors are a great rustic option. They have a hand-crafted, antique appearance and recall the stately homes of a past era. Enhance the effect with decorative hardware, such as handles, knockers, hinges, and studs. 

wayne dalton RD 9700 classic

If you want a beautiful and timeless carriage house door, consider the elegant Model 8670 from Wayne Dalton. 



Do you have a busy lifestyle that leaves you little time to think about your garage door? Choose one that’s low maintenance and highly reliable. When you buy a garage door from us and entrust us with the installation, you can be certain of its reliability. And, when issues arise, you can count on our quick and professional service. 

Maintenance-wise, one garage door material you may want to avoid is wood, which requires a fair amount of upkeep. However, if you love the look of wood-grain, there’s always the option of choosing a door with a faux-wood finish, which combines the natural beauty of woodgrain with the convenience of steel, vinyl or fibreglass. Consider, for example, a steel Classic Landmark Series garage door from Richards-Wilcox.



Families with young children need a garage door system that’s durable and as safe as possible. If you’re getting a new opener, ensure that the sensors are top quality. And consider getting an opener with LiftMaster’s myQ technology, which allows you to monitor and control garage door activity at a distance and, therefore, better supervise your little ones. 

If you want to learn more about LiftMaster’s myQ technology, read our detailed article on the topic. 

You’ll also want to make sure your garage is durable. It will probably get hit by many a basketball, hockey stick, skateboard, and so on. Choose a strong door that doesn’t dent or scuff easily.



Do you have a workshop or office in your garage? Then you’ll want a door with good insulation, so that you can work more comfortably in your garage in the winter months (or save money on your energy bills if you have garage heating). Look for the R-value and U-value of the garage door you’re buying. These ratings indicate a door’s thermal efficiency. To learn more about R-values and U-values, read our comprehensive article on the subject. 


You may also consider getting a garage door with windows — or a well-insulated glass garage door. That way, you can enjoy natural lighting while working in the garage.



This one applies to all prospective garage door buyers because functionality is eminently important in a garage door. To choose the most appropriate door for your needs, start by considering the weather conditions in your region. 

Do you live by the coast? Then you’re dealing with humidity, salt air, and heavy rainfall and will want a garage door that won’t warp, rot or rust. Vinyl, glass, and rust-resistant steel garage doors are all good options. 


Do you live somewhere that gets extremely cold in the winter? Then a well-insulated, durable steel garage door may be the best option. You might consider the Classic Steel Garage doors Models 8300 and 8500 from Wayne Dalton, which both have very high R-values (12.12 and 16.22, respectively).



If you need help determining which garage door is right for you, trust the garage door experts at Creative Door. Our team will be happy to help you find the one that best suits your home and most fully meets the needs of you and your family. To learn more about our products and service, get in touch with us today.

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