Warehouse Docks and Doors Explained

If you run a commercial warehouse, distribution centre, manufacturing facility, or retail store, you know how critical it is to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of goods from one place to another. That’s why choosing the best warehouse docking system is so important. Here’s what you need to know about these essential systems and how they can enhance the productivity and safety of your operations.

red commercial rolling doors for warehouse docking bay by Wayne Dalton

4 Common Types of Docking Systems

Here’s a look at four common types of docking systems:

  1. Flush docks consist of individual entryways that are flush with the outside wall of the building, offering a seamless and space-efficient loading solution. Flush docks allow the back of a truck to be easily attached to the dock.
  2. Open docks are an outdoor platform with space to store goods. These platforms typically feature a canopy or shelter to provide the necessary cover to protect the goods from the elements while loading or unloading.
  3. Enclosed docks are located within the warehouse and are ideal for temperature-sensitive goods. However, they require ventilation for truck exhaust. Enclosed docks also provide additional security for the goods, dock personnel, and the trucks that are loading and unloading.
  4. Sawtooth docks are used when outdoor manoeuvring space is limited, allowing trucks to approach docks at an angle and saving space outside a warehouse. This docking system is beneficial for warehouses in busy urban areas.

Dock-High Doors Vs. Drive-In Doors

Dock-high doors are raised in the air to be level with trucks carrying goods and allow trucks to back straight up to the dock door without changing position or lowering ramps. Drive-in, or grade-level doors, are level to the ground or floor, allowing for easy access for forklifts to enter the building directly without going up a ramp or using a dock door.

Door Types

Dock doors are crucial in facilitating the smooth flow of goods and materials. Here’s an overview.

  • High-speed doors are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants and other commercial facilities requiring dock doors to open and close quickly. High-speed models are typically made of durable, lightweight materials. Wayne Dalton’s Model 885 ADV-X has an opening speed of up to 50 inches per second and is manufactured from reinforced rubber for reliable year-round performance.
  • Rolling doors are among the most popular dock doors for warehouses and other commercial facilities. These doors contain several aluminum or steel panels that roll up or to the side when opened. Wayne Dalton’s ThermoTite® 800C is strongly built to withstand even the most demanding commercial and industrial conditions. This rolling service door is insulated as an added advantage to improve energy efficiency.
  • Sectional doors, also known as panelled doors, are popular for warehouses. They’re made from several panels that open vertically, creating a secure seal when closed. Wayne Dalton’s Thermospan® Model 125 sectional door has a foamed polyurethane core and standard joint seal, providing a significantly higher thermal efficiency than industry-standard polystyrene-insulated doors. It’s also the most rigid door available with an innovative thermal break.

Blue Giant dock leveller available from Creative Door Services

Additional Docking Equipment

At Creative Door ServicesTM, we carry warehouse and docking equipment and accessories to ensure your facility is as efficient as possible, including:

  • Bumpers are designed to protect the structure of your building and prevent vehicle damage. They create a buffer between vehicle and wall, ensuring against costly collisions.
  • Levellers bridge the gap between the truck or trailer and the loading dock, making moving goods between the two easier. Dock levellers are available, including hydraulic, mechanical, and air-powered.
  • Traffic lights help manage traffic flow around the loading dock area. They’re typically placed strategically to help safely guide drivers and pedestrians around the area. They also indicate when it’s safe to enter or exit the loading dock area.
  • Dock seals create a tight seal between the truck or trailer and the loading dock to maintain a consistent temperature inside the facility and help reduce energy costs. They’re typically made of foam or rubber and are designed to compress against the side of the truck or trailer.

Keep your docking system running smoothly and prevent costly breakdowns and downtime with Creative Door ServicesTM comprehensive planned maintenance program, designed to maximize the performance of your operation, whether it’s docking equipment, commercial doors, or gates.

Warehouse And Docking Products For Every Industry

If you're looking for high-quality warehouse and docking products for your business, look no further than Creative Door ServicesTM. With our extensive selection of equipment and accessories, we have everything you need to optimize your operations and keep your facility running smoothly.

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