May 27, 2024

Follow Creative Door Services™’s comprehensive maintenance checklist to enhance your garage door opener's performance, safety, and lifespan.

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Father son garage
May 18, 2023

Garage Gift Ideas for Dad

Are you unsure of what to get your dad this Father's Day? Look no further! We've curated a list of garage-related gift ideas that are sure to bring him joy for years to come.

Warehouse exterior min
May 11, 2023

Cold Storage: Manage Your Energy Costs with the Best Commercial Doors

Keep your energy costs low with the right cold room door. Learn about the different types of doors, what to consider, and the importance of energy efficiency and safety. Contact Creative Door Services™ for installation, repair, and maintenance services in Western Canada.

Black and white glass min
May 3, 2023

The Benefits and Trends of Glass Garage Doors for Modern Homes

Discover the sleek and modern look of glass garage doors for your home. Learn about the latest trends and benefits that will make your property stand out!

Commercial Entrance Min
Apr 30, 2023

How To Extend the Life of Your Commercial Pedestrian Doors

Give your staff and customers the welcome they deserve with smooth-functioning pedestrian doors from Creative Door Services™. Ask our team about automated, insulated, fire-safe, and sound-minimizing features!

Pedestrian Doors
Kids Running Vacation Home Min
Apr 26, 2023

Which Garage Door Openers Are Compatible With Homelink® And Car2U?

Discover compatible garage door openers with Homelink® and Car2U in our comprehensive guide. Make the right choice for your home and vehicle today!

Security Gates Parking Entrance Min
Apr 18, 2023

Improving Security for Underground Parking in Buildings

Enhance security in your building's underground parking with this guide from Creative Door Services. Learn how to keep your residents safe and improve your property's appeal. Contact us today for parking garage solutions in Western Canada.

Wayne Dalton Sonoma Ranch Door Min
Apr 12, 2023

How Do You Fix Garage Door Interference?

Get your garage door back on track with our troubleshooting guide for interference issues. Trust us for knowledgeable advice and dedicated service. Contact Creative Door Services™ today!

Business Owner Workshop Min
Apr 3, 2023

How HomeLink® Can Work For Your Business

Looking for unmatched solutions and service? Find top-quality garage and gate systems for your business in Western Canada from industry leader Creative Door Services™.

Heat Dome Bc Min
Mar 29, 2023

How Humidity and Climate Can Impact Pedestrian Doors

While you can’t stop nature from taking its natural course, there are ways you can minimize its impact. Here are some tips for managing weather-related damage to your pedestrian doors.

Pedestrian Doors
Glass Storefront Business Owner Min
Mar 23, 2023

LiftMaster/Chamberlain Product Recall Notice

LiftMaster myQ 889LM and 041A7928-3 garage door control panels have been recalled.

Replacement Parts Min
Mar 22, 2023

Garage Door Parts: What Are the Most Common Replacement Parts?

High-quality parts are crucial for the safety and functionality of your home's garage door. While wear might be inevitable, Creative Door Services™ is here to guarantee you get the best information on the market.

Cars Autolot Min
Mar 17, 2023

Commercial Swing Gates for Auto Dealerships

If you run a car dealership, you know how important it is to pick a top-notch gate. Not only does it impact your brand, but it can mitigate risks and enhance your security. Here’s what you should know!

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