Garage Door or Commercial Door Replacement for Condos and Apartment Buildings

If you own or manage a condo or high-rise building, one of your many responsibilities may include maintaining the parking garage and ensuring the doors function efficiently and securely.

Canadian standards for multi-unit residential buildings set the lifespan of parking garage doors at 15 to 20 years and mandate that parking facilities be professionally inspected annually. Here’s what you should know if the garage doors in your multi-unit building are due for replacement.

providing tenants and residents notice of parking door replacement

First Things First: Inform the Residents

As the landlord, you know too well how many calls you get when any shared amenity is temporarily out of service. To keep residents happy and minimize the number of queries or complaints, you must provide ample information in writing about your planned garage door or underground commercial door replacement. You should give notice well in advance, so residents have time to move their vehicles and find other places to park.

Your written notice should reassure residents that every effort is being made to minimize downtime and inconvenience. It should answer these essential questions:

  • What dates will the garage be unusable? Provide both start and end dates.
  • Can a car be left inside the parking garage if the owner doesn’t plan to drive it?
  • What are the alternative parking options?
  • Where’s the nearest available on-street parking?
  • Can residents continue to enter the garage to access storage spaces?

Depending on your specific property, residents may have other questions. Consider these questions and include all relevant information in your written notice.

Additionally, you should post your notice in common public areas such as the lobby or in elevators to ensure no one misses the update.

bright and modern parking garage entrance for condo complex

The Value of a Great Parking Garage Door

When it comes to condo living, the value is in the details. It may seem like a minor detail, but a parking garage door that looks good and works well can make your building more appealing to potential residents and increase your revenue. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a high-quality parking underground door or garage door:

  • Improved security
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer lifespan
  • Enhanced appeal

A well-chosen garage door that’s correctly installed and maintained can reduce the number of unscheduled setbacks. That makes your life a whole lot easier!

Choosing A New Underground Commercial Door for Your Parking Garage

There are several factors to consider when choosing a parking garage door. When you talk to your commercial door supplier, give them details about the number of residents in your building and the capacity of your parking garage. This information will indicate how frequently the door will have to open and close.

Additionally, consider the cycle time, which is how long it takes for the garage door to open and close. A speedier entry is more convenient; it can help avoid traffic jams in a larger high-rise. Faster closing also provides an extra level of security, preventing unauthorized tailgaters from slipping in behind residents. A faster garage door may be less essential in a building with fewer residents. Still, the added convenience can amplify the appeal of your property.

perforated gated underground parking door installation

Commercial Parking Door Components

As you discuss your needs with your garage door supplier, you’ll need to make decisions about the following components:

  • Door. Some options for your garage door include sheet doors, sectional doors, grilles, high-traffic rolling doors, and high-performance doors. If you have non-standard size requirements, a specialty or custom-designed door may be in order. If your parking garage houses storage cages in addition to vehicles, look for an option to keep out rain and snow.

  • Operator. The commercial door operator is the machine that lifts and lowers the door. Your options vary according to price, cycle speed, and capacity of cycles per hour. For the comfort of your residents, you can also choose an operator that provides quiet operation. Your cycling requirements —speed and frequency — will depend on how many residents use the garage daily.

  • Opener. When selecting a door opener solution for your parking garage, consider options with user-friendly and security-enhancing features like remote controls and motion sensors.

A Creative Door Services™ team member can walk you through your options to help you find the best fit for your building.

brand new wayne dalton rolling overhead door for underground parking gaarge

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