Garage Door Tips For Realtors, Landlords & Property Managers

When introducing new tenants to a home, townhouse, or commercial property, property managers, realtors, and landlords mustn’t forget to include instructions and safety tips for the garage door and underground commercial parking doors. The garage door is the largest moving mechanism in the house and is used multiple times a day. You must educate tenants on proper use and safety features to help avoid costly repairs at the owner’s expense. Here are some things you should address when introducing new guests to a home or commercial underground garage.

Change The Codes on The Garage Door Keypad

Previous guests, their family and friends, and contractors may have been given a prior access code to the garage. Moreover, extra remote controls and fobs may be out there that can open the door. Clearing the unit’s memory and recoding the garage door opener and keypad provides safety, security, and peace of mind for the new tenants.

Show The Tenants the Garage Door Safety Features

Automatic garage doors and commercial parking garage doors have many safety features that your tenants may need to know. For example, you should show them how to use the red emergency rope to release the door from the opener drive system. This critical safety feature allows tenants to use the door in case of a fire or power outage. If your door doesn’t have an emergency rope, get one installed.

Moreover, show your tenants how to lock the door back into the drive system if someone accidentally pulls on the emergency rope and releases the door. If left unengaged, the automatic drive system will run, but the door won’t move. Many expensive service calls can be avoided by simply reattaching the door to the drive unit.

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Test All Safety Features

Use the red emergency rope to ensure the garage door can be manually opened. Check that all loop and motion sensors function, are at the correct height, and are securely fastened to the frame.

Disable The Manual Garage Door Lock

If you have an automatic garage door opener, ensure you permanently disable the manual door lock, typically a slide lock located inside the door. The garage door can be badly damaged if someone activates the automatic garage door opener with the sliding lock engaged. Twisting a cable tie through a hole in the sliding bar may be enough to save the owner from costly repairs.

Demonstrate The Lock Button on The Wall Keypad

Modern garage door models have a vacation lock button on the open/close button that tenants can activate if they leave the house for a few days. The door will still open with the keypad code, but the fobs and remote controls won’t work. The feature is designed to prevent your house from getting broken into if someone steals the remote control from your car.

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Collect A Separate Deposit for The Remote Controls

Tenants losing remote controls and fobs is more common than you think. These items are also quite expensive to replace. Collecting a separate deposit for lost remotes ensures you have the funds to replace one if necessary. It also incentivizes the tenant to take better care of it. Additionally, a separate deposit for the remote control will free up more money in the damage deposit so you can make more necessary repairs.

Agree On a Course of Action in Case Of Damage

Ensure that the new residents call you in case of any damage or if the door isn’t working. A tenant who tries to DIY a garage door repair can cause more destruction and void the manufacturer’s warranty. Getting repairs and replacements done by a certified professional is the best way to ensure the door remains in good condition for years to come.

Sign Up for Planned Maintenance

Don’t wait until your tenants call you and tell you the garage door is broken. Sign up for the Planned Maintenance Program at Creative Door Services™, and a certified technician will visit the property every few months and inspect all the working parts. Regular maintenance can identify minor issues before they become costly repairs.

Moreover, schedule a maintenance service call before tenants move in. A technician can recode the door, check all safety features and ensure the door is safe and works well for the new residents.

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