How HomeLink® Can Work For Your Business

Remote-controlled gate and garage operators have long been the gold standard for commercial and industrial businesses. Although the proprietary name HomeLink® may lead you to believe it’s suitable for residential use only, this sophisticated in-vehicle remote control system can provide multiple benefits in the workplace. Here’s a guide to using the HomeLink® system for your business.

What is HomeLink®?

HomeLink® is a proprietary vehicle-based wireless control system. The system uses three buttons installed inside your vehicle to enable you to open and close your gates and doors. It also allows you to manage your security system and other electrical features like lighting and electronics.

When you combine it with the HomeLink Connect® app, your capacity to manage these features extends beyond your vehicle to wherever you take your smartphone.

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What are the benefits of a HomeLink® system?

Whether you use it in your personal vehicle or have it installed on your company’s fleet, the HomeLink® system offers multiple benefits for your drivers and overall operation.

  • Convenience. Make coming and going from your property seamless with in-vehicle controls that take all the stop-and-start out of opening and closing your gates and garage doors. For your business, that means less lag on travel time, giving your workers more time to get the job done.

  • Ease of use. The in-vehicle system operates on three buttons. That’s it! Unlike some technologies that look good on paper but have a finicky user experience, the HomeLink® system does what you need it to do. Your staff won’t lose time troubleshooting or learning a complicated system.

  • Compatibility. The system can communicate with a wide range of gate operators and garage door openers. And because HomeLink® is continuing to grow in popularity, more and more systems — including radio-frequency (RF) devices — are being manufactured for HomeLink® compatibility.

  • No batteries required. The HomeLink® in-vehicle system runs on your car’s electrical system. As long as your car works, so does your HomeLink®. That’s one less detail to lose time on.

  • App-based option. The HomeLink Connect® app enables you to control your gates and other connected devices even when you’re not in your vehicle.

The HomeLink® system can be programmed to control as many as three devices, meaning you can use the same system to control your commercial gates, doors, and security system. When installing a new gate operating system or garage doors at your business or worksite, be sure to inquire about HomeLink® compatibilities before making your final decision. A member of the Creative Door Services™ team can advise you on your best options.

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What devices are compatible with HomeLink® systems?

When the time comes to upgrade your vehicles or business access and security systems, be sure to include HomeLink® in your list of considerations. If you plan to have HomeLink® capability in your vehicles, there are four key areas in your business where compatibility can be of service:

According to the HomeLink® website, the system works with over 99 per cent of gate and garage door systems, like Genie openers. It also works with many leading brands in security, electronics, and appliances. It’s currently compatible with RF devices that operate between 288 and 433 MHz.

Can your Gate Operator Work with HomeLink®?

You may be eager to use your new vehicle’s HomeLink® system but be in no hurry to replace your gate operator or commercial door. Your current devices may already be compatible. Some manufacturers produce a Compatibility Bridge that can effectively retrofit devices to work with newer HomeLink® systems.

A member of the Creative Door Services™ team can look at your current garage door and gate operator and advise you on the best way to get your HomeLink® system working. If you schedule a maintenance inspection, they can also advise whether buying new devices might be in your best interest.

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HomeLink®-Compatible Gates for Western Canada Businesses

When it comes to remote-control gates and doors, Creative Door Services™ is an industry leader, offering quality solutions and unparalleled service. Our extensive inventory of garage and gate operating systems and access controls are second to none, and our products are specially selected to suit the unique needs of businesses in Western Canada.

Our expert staff is happy to work with you to find the most suitable solution for your operation. Contact us today for expert advice, or feel free to visit us in Kelowna, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; or Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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