Product Spotlight: Genie® Commercial Accessories

Creative Door ServicesTM is proud to carry Genie®’s commercial door and gate system accessories. Rest assured, if we carry it, it’s built to last! Here’s a look at Genie®’s impressive selection of commercial accessories designed to increase the safety and efficiency of your commercial door and automatic gate systems.


Genie® carries one-, two-, three-, and four-button transmitters that work with 315 MHz internal receivers. These units feature Intellicode® technology, which reassigns new access codes every time you open the door or gate, preventing potential intruders from using unauthorized remotes. The following models are available:

Genie single button push control remote

Push-button controls

Commercial push-button controls allow you to operate automatic gates and commercial doors from a distance. Genie® carries several interior and exterior push buttons in metal and non-metal casings. These units can be surface- or flush-mounted.

Single-button controls

The following single-button controls can only be wired into one command:

Two-button controls

Two-button controls can be wired to open and close a commercial door or gate. The open button on the following units can also override a closing door:

Three-button controls

The following three-button style control can be wired to open, close, and stop a commercial door or gate:

genie three button control

Key switches

Commercial key switches are used to operate automatic gates and commercial doors from a distance with the turn of a key. Key switches grant access only to authorized personnel who have a key. Genie® carries several internal, external, and flush-mounted two-position key switches. Additionally, some models come with a convenient emergency STOP button.

The tamper-proof die-cast faceplates come in stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and aluminum. Depending on your needs, the key switches have different functionality ratings, like NEMA1, NEMA3R, NEMA4, and NEMA12. Many units are rated for outdoor use, ideal for highly secure facilities.

STOP button:

You can choose from the following four key switches that come with STOP buttons:

No STOP button:

You can choose from the following basic key switches:

Genie brand pull switch

Pull switches

Commercial pull switches allow you to open and close a door from inside or outside with a simple pull cord.

Genie® carries three different types of single- and double-pole ceiling pull stations. These units must be wired to another control station with a STOP button. The following pull stations are NEMA3R, NEMA4, and NEMA12 rated and come in a secure aluminum die-cast enclosure:

Genie® also carries the 075260.0000.S, a hang-mounted unit that’s NEMA1 rated and has three functions: open, close, and stop.

Interlock switches

Interlock switches are safety components installed on automatic gates and commercial doors to detect entry. Genie® carries the following interlock switches for sectional doors:

The 110325.0001.S is a flush-mounted switch that’s ideal for steel rolling doors.

Countdown timer

The Genie® Countdown Timer enhances traffic flow, helps reduce expensive door repairs and improves safety by notifying drivers when the door is closing. The countdown timer can be used with any of Genie®’s standard or heavy-duty hoist, jackshaft, or trolley operators. This unit also supports two displays and can be paired with the OPAKGCTD.S for improved functionality.

Visual signals

Genie® carries several visual signal devices like rotating lamps, flash modules, traffic lights, and LED warning lights in red, amber, and green. The following visual signals can be relay-connected to either pre-close warning contacts on a timer to close the expansion board or output contacts on an auxiliary expansion module:

Additionally, the 110351.0001.S combines a signal strobe with a siren for maximum safety.

Loop detectors

Loop detectors sense vehicular traffic to increase access control to your commercial property. Genie® carries a reliable induction loop detector with variable sensitivity, frequency, and detection settings for precise control. This unit is encased in a durable anodized aluminum housing, making it suitable for demanding commercial applications.

You can also purchase the following loop detector accessories:

Photo eyes

Photo eyes are a safety device designed to protect people and objects from being struck by a closing door or gate. In other words, the door or gate automatically stops and reverses direction if anything comes into its path.

Monitored photo eyes

Monitored photo eyes are frequently checked by the operator’s electronics. If there’s a problem, the operator’s control programming reverts to a safe mode to restrict the door movement.

The following monitored photo eyes are UL325 2010 recognized and approved for use with all UL Listed Genie® commercial operators:

  • The 38176R.S photo eyes feature adjustable mounting brackets and feedback LEDs for reliable performance under rugged conditions.
  • The OPAKPE2.S impact-protected photo eyes come with an optics tube and narrow beam opening to reduce interference from sunlight. Additionally, the conformal coated circuit board is designed to increase protection from moisture.
  • The OPAKPEN4GX.S NEMA 4/4X photocells are durable and flexible enough to absorb minor impacts. These photo eyes also work up to 35-feet away and can operate from -23 C to 77 C.

  • The OPGAKRPEN4X.S retro-reflective photo eyes are designed to significantly reduce photo eye wiring time by only requiring wiring on one side of the door. As a bonus, the photo eye’s heavy-duty metal shield housing makes it well-suited for commercial door environments.

Non-monitored photo eyes

Non-monitored photo-eyes are not self-checking. Therefore, they offer a reduced level of safety compared to monitored ones.

Genie® carries the following four non-monitored photo eyes. These units can only be used for door activation or secondary entrapment in addition to a monitored entrapment device, such as a monitored photo eye or monitored safety edge:

Lastly, Genie® also has various mechanical accessories, such as expansion modules, to help improve the functionality of your commercial door or gate system.

Genie® Brand Commercial Line Accessories Available from Creative Door Services™

Creative Door ServicesTM carries an impressive lineup of commercial parts and accessories from top brands like Genie®. Our expert team provides professional installation, maintenance, and repair services to ensure your commercial doors and automatic gates continue to operate smoothly for years to come.

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