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As an industry leader in garage and commercial doors and intelligent access solutions products, Creative Door Services™ is committed to mastering the remarkableTM for both our customers and our people. This means that in addition to providing outstanding installation, repair, and maintenance services for your commercial doors, you can rest assured that our experienced technicians will provide fast and affordable reliable, expert service that you can trust.

Although you can count on us to perform emergency repairs, an unexpected breakdown can slow down your entire operation. This is likely to cost you time and money, and may put your employees and business at risk. Fortunately, preventive maintenance for your commercial doors can help ensure their continued smooth operation. Plus, regular care will protect your purchase and extend its lifespan.

Here’s what you should know about our planned maintenance program.


There are many parts that need to be maintained

Commercial door systems are complicated as they rely on a host of components, and some of them can be difficult or even dangerous to replace. Daily use puts strain on these parts, which means that keeping an eye on them is crucial. Otherwise, you may end up with a damaged door that won’t open. Here are some of the parts that may need to be replaced or repaired on commercial doors:

  • Tracks. These are the metal parts in which the rollers of the door move. Because they’re exposed to the elements, the tracks are vulnerable to damage and rust. They can also become warped.
  • Rollers. These are the wheels that run along the tracks and help the door move smoothly. They need to be replaced somewhat regularly and failing to do so can damage other parts of your commercial door system.
  • Cables. Since they’re under a lot of tension, the cables that connect the bottom bracket to the shaft are susceptible to fraying. This is something that needs to be dealt with early.
  • Chain. It’s common for opener chains to become loose over time. They can also jam or break, causing garage doors to stop moving properly.
  • Hinges. Hinges allow door panels to move smoothly. If one becomes stiff or breaks you may experience poor operation, which could lead to further damage.
  • Springs. The springs are important because they support the weight of your commercial door, allowing it to easily open and close. They’re dangerous because they’re under considerable tension and can cause serious and even fatal injuries is mishandled.

Considering how much can go wrong with your garage or commercial door, the importance of planned maintenance cannot be overstated. A problem with any of the components above could cause your commercial door to simply stop working. Worse, it could lead to other parts of the door getting damaged.


What our program offers

Our planned maintenance program provides preventive and continuous maintenance for your commercial door to ensure smooth operation for many years to come. We designed the program with our clients’ best interests at heart, and it’s customizable to ensure that your needs are met.

In fact, joining the program will do more than improve and prolong the life of your commercial door and operator equipment. It will also provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your door is in excellent working condition.

However, you should know that the specific maintenance performed will depend on the type of commercial doors you have.

  • For sectional doors, we offer a full inspection, lubrication, and adjustment of all door components. We also provide weatherstrip inspections, and test as well as adjust the door’s balance.
  • For rolling doors, we offer the same inspection, lubrication, and adjustment services as we do for other doors. We also check the balance and make sure your door conforms to municipal fire code regulations.
  • Electrical door operators installed by Creative Door Services™ receive a full inspection and adjustment. We also make sure the emergency release device is in working condition.

In addition, you can customize your maintenance plan so your commercial door is inspected when it’s convenient for you. Plus, we’ll provide a comprehensive inspection report and guarantee all parts and labour for 30 days. Finally, most of our technicians are certified by the Canadian Door Institute and are true industry experts.

Commercial Door Experts in Western Canada

Signing up for the planned maintenance program offered by Creative Door Services™ is the best way to ensure that your commercial doors continue to operate smoothly after they’re purchased. Contact us at one of our eight branches to learn more about our products and services, or to set up a maintenance call. We have locations in Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver, British Columbia; Kelowna, British Columbia; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Regina, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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