Stay Organized: Storing Lawn and Gardening Equipment in Your Garage

Summer is at your doorstep! Are you chomping at the bit to get out in the yard and start gardening, but your lawncare clutter is making you cringe? Here are a few clever storage ideas to help you keep your equipment in line and your gardening on time.

organized interior of home garage
  1. Shelving. Floor space in your garage is valuable. You can make the most of it with heavy-duty shelving. Store heavy items, like soil and unused pots, on the bottom. Lighter objects, like tarps and netting, can go on top.
  2. Bins. Stackable storage bins and totes are perfect for holding small gardening tools and accessories. They make great containers for hose fittings, twine, shade cloth, and gardening gloves. Store similar items together and label the front, top, and sides for easy retrieval.
  3. Hooks. Hooks have endless possibilities for storage and organization. In the garage, they’re great for storing long-handled tools such as rakes, spades, hoes, and brooms. Remember to keep sharp items below eye level and point the blades down toward the wall to avoid injury.

    hooks to organize lawn care items inside a garage

  4. Pegboard. If you have various small gardening tools like pruning shears, trowels, and scissors, try installing a pegboard. Pegboard panels and hooks come in various sizes and shapes to suit any need. Simply press the hooks into the pegboard and hang all your tools in plain sight. You can create labels or outline the tools with a permanent marker as a visual guide.
  5. Wheelbarrow rack. If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you have a wheelbarrow. Keep your garage tidy by installing a heavy-duty wheelbarrow holder along the wall. You can find various models at your local hardware store that can hold up to 36 kilograms.
  6. Hose reels. Has your hose collection gotten out of hand? From soaker and sprinkler hoses to flat and coiled hoses, they all need a place to go. Keep your garage free from tangled-up garden hoses with one or several high-quality hose reels. You can purchase either wall-mounted or portable models to suit your needs.
  7. Ceiling racks. Do you need to keep bulky items like ladders and power tools off the ground and out of the way? Consider a ceiling rack. If you’re tight for space, this is the perfect solution. You can even find some models with a pulley system, so you don’t have a climb a ladder to reach anything.

Storing your gardening equipment inside your garage will ensure they don’t become weathered by the elements and won’t get swiped by ill-intentioned passersby.

pouring leftover pesticides into storage containers

How To Store Dangerous Goods

If you grow a vegetable garden, you may wonder if you can store fertilizer and pesticides in your garage. The short answer is yes. However, you must take several precautions.

Pesticides and fertilizer must be stored in their original containers, in a cool, dark, dry environment away from other products, like pet food, bird seed, and gasoline. This means up, off your garage’s dirt or concrete floor. Additionally, ensure all opened packages are well sealed and stored away from children and pets. Consider investing in roller cabinets with locks for the utmost protection.

Since pesticides and fertilizer are flammable, they must also be safeguarded against freezing and away from open flames and excessive heat. Therefore, if you want to keep them in your garage, you must ensure it’s insulated and climate controlled.

Heavy-Duty Garage Door

Investing in a sturdy garage door can go a long way in keeping your garage secure and your gardening tools safe. Fortunately, Creative Door Services™ carries several premium steel garage doors by Martin Door and a variety of classic steel doors by Wayne Dalton.

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Premium Garage Doors in Western Canada

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