Access & Security Upgrades For Condos And Apartment Buildings

Do you own a condo complex or apartment building? Do you want to increase the safety and accessibility of your building? If so, Creative Door ServicesTM has what you need. Here’s an overview of some of the hardware, accessories, and access control systems we have available.

glass automatic doors entrance to condo

Pedestrian Doors: Materials

For the ultimate in value, longevity, strength, and resilience, consider upgrading to hollow metal pedestrian doors. At Creative Door ServicesTM, we carry hollow metal doors various sizes, designs, and cores. Furthermore, many of our models are made of reinforced steel sheets and provide varying levels of insulation, sound-deadening, and fire protection.

Moreover, you can pair your doors with accessories like kick plates, stretcher plates, and armour plates to help protect them from wear and tear.

Pedestrian Doors: Hardware

Here are some pedestrian door hardware options that could help increase the safety of your condo or apartment complex:

  • Electronic door closers hold the door open. They can also automatically close the door if the fire alarm or smoke detector goes off.
  • Panic hardware features like crash and panic bars provide added security and allow for safe and easy evacuation in an emergency.
  • Delayed exit devices can be connected to your building’s fire alarm system and programmed to release when the alarm goes off or if there’s a power outage.

We also have grade three mortise locksets that come in various trims, finishes, and door thickness options to suit your needs. You can trust our technicians to provide expert installation to ensure your finishing hardware meets your building’s requirements and provides the right level of protection.

man using telecom system to enter apartment

Pedestrian Doors: Keyless Access Controls

Here are a few keyless access control systems to improve the efficiency of your facility:

  • Telephone entry systems and intercoms allow tenants to verify the identity of their guests by speaking directly to them over the phone or through a speaker. They can easily unlock the door and grant them access at any time of day.
  • Motion-activated entry systems utilize motion sensors to automatically authorize access when a tenant walks or waves their hand or in front of a wall- or floor-mounted switch. This system doesn’t require authentication, so it’s fast, convenient, and easy to use for people with limited mobility or dexterity.

  • Bluetooth entry systems use virtual credentials that have been installed on the tenant’s smartphone via an app. When the tenant approaches the door, the app on their smartphone automatically communicates with a reader to authenticate access and open the door.

With an electronic door lock or motion sensor attached to your pedestrian door, an upgrade to a touchless system is easy. You’ll simply reuse most of the infrastructure you already have in place.

parking garage entrance to apartment building

Parking Garage: Upgrades

If your facility has a parking garage, here are a few upgrades you may want to consider:

  • High-speed commercial doors open at speeds of up to 125 inches per second and are ideal for high-traffic facilities where speed and durability are critical, like parking garages. Fortunately, at Creative Door ServicesTM, we carry several commercial doors with photo eye sensors and wireless reversing edges for added safety.
  • Keypads are convenient and allow tenants to easily access the parking garage without using a key or scan card.

  • Surveillance cameras with LED lights allow you to capture clear footage in dark conditions like parking garages. Surveillance cameras act as a visual deterrent for thieves and capture real-time footage of any incidents to quickly catch the culprit.

  • Traffic/LED lights allow tenants to safely enter and exit the parking garage and reduce the potential for costly accidents. Additionally, LED parking control system signs help eliminate traffic congestion by guiding drivers in the right direction.

If you need help deciding which upgrades to make to your condo or apartment complex, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM would be happy to help.

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Pedestrian Doors and Commercial Doors In Western Canada

Creative Door ServicesTM can help you improve the safety and accessibly of your commercial facility. We carry a wide range of commercial pedestrian doors and commercial doors from top industry manufacturers, as well as accessible door hardware and accessories. We also offer professional installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Contact us today for more information about our products and services. We have locations in Kelowna, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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