What You Should Know About Wayne Dalton’s High-Speed Commercial Doors

Wayne Dalton’s line of ADV-X high-speed commercial doors combine efficiency, practicality, and performance. They’re ideal for commercial facilities where speed and durability are critical. Here’s an overview of the different models.

wayne dalton high speed door

High-Speed Door Models

Wayne Dalton’s line of ADV-X commercial doors feature two high-speed metal doors for exterior applications, six high-speed fabric doors that can be used in interior and exterior applications, and one high-speed rubber door for use in areas with extreme environments.

ADV-X doors are built for high-cycle applications and come with the following standard features:

  • A springless design that requires minimal interruption for maintenance
  • A direct gear drive system to help reduce maintenance costs and increase durability
  • A variable frequency drive to eliminate sudden jolts and reduce wear and tear
  • Two sets of infrared sensors to detect possible obstructions
  • A door-stop device and wireless reversing safety edge to help prevent injuries and collisions

The new line of ADV-X high-speed commercial doors can help business owners meet their needs.

wayne dalton commercial highspeed door

Interior and Exterior Models

Wayne Dalton’s interior and exterior fabric high-speed doors are designed for the industrial food and beverage industry. ADV-X fabric doors can be used in cold rooms, clean rooms, and pharmacy applications. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following:

  • Model 880, Model 881, and Model 882 are intended for interior use and are made of two layers of light PVC-coated polyester with one layer of polyester weave. Model 880 features a detachable bottom seal that reduces the likelihood of injury. Model 881 can withstand pressure up to +7.5/-7.5 psf, making it an excellent option to separate high- and low-pressure rooms in large facilities. Lastly, Model 882 is lightweight, durable, low maintenance, and comes with easy-to-replace panels.

  • Model 883 and Model 884 are designed for exterior use. They’re made of three layers of PVC-coated polyester with two layers of polyester weave. In addition, they both feature a patent-pending articulating roller wind strut to reduce noise and allow the door to operate under wind load. The full-length UHMW wear strips, weather seals, wind bar, and bottom wind stop plate provide an airtight seal.
  • Model 887 is designed for interior thermal control and is intended for cold food and beverage storage. It can reach an opening speed of 80 inches per second and is made of two layers of PVC-coated polyester with one layer of polyester weave. It also features an insulated curtain with actively heated guides that ensure a uniform temperature and smooth door movement.

Wayne Dalton’s high-speed fabric doors are designed to be low maintenance and feature self-repairing breakaway doors that minimize lost time to repair the door if it’s damaged.

wayne dalton 885

Heavy-Duty Models

Model 885 is built for high-demand, round-the-clock operations. It features five layers of NBR rubber with four layers of polyester weave. It includes a heavy-duty wall and front angles made of high-strength, impact-resistant steel to withstand accidental collisions with vehicles or equipment. It opens at 50 inches per second and can handle winds up to 290 kilometres an hour.

Exterior Models

Model 888 and Model 889 are ideal for exterior applications where security and performance are a priority. They feature a patent-pending helical-designed steel head plate that helps prevent contact with the metal curtain and provides smooth operation. They can open at 80 inches per second, making them ideal for high-traffic facilities such as parking garages and auto dealerships. Furthermore, they come with full-length weather seals and an integrated safety light curtain. Model 888 has a 100 psf rating, while Model 889 has a 50 psf rating. They both come in a variety of powered coat colour options and can be fitted with optional scratch-resistant polycarbonate panelling.

Wayne Dalton’s high-speed commercial doors are made to provide the utmost in efficiency, reliability, and return on investment. All models come with a limited five-year warranty.

Durable High-Speed Commercial Doors in Western Canada

If you want to increase security, reduce heating and cooling costs, and improve workflow at your commercial facility, a high-speed door is the way to go. At Creative Door Services™, we can work with you to determine which model will best meet your needs. We also carry a variety of commercial door products, including commercial door operators and replacement parts and accessories. If we carry it, you can rest assured it’s built to last.

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