5 Signs Your Commercial Barrier Arm Needs Replacing

Barrier arms are effective at controlling vehicle traffic in parking lots, toll booths, park entrances, and commercial and industrial facilities. If your barrier gate breaks down, it can lead to costly repairs and downtime. Consequently, identifying when to replace your barrier arm before it breaks down is crucial to keeping your operation running smoothly. Here are five warning signs.

What is a Barrier Arm?

A barrier arm is a type of commercial gate operator system. It lifts from a horizontal to a vertical position to control traffic flow and access to secured areas. If your primary concern is directing vehicular traffic, barrier arms are an excellent choice for human-monitored entrances and exits. They can also be used with an automatic gate system to ensure your facility is safe and secure after hours.

damaged barrier gate that has been run over by a vehicle

When Is It Time to Replace Your Barrier Arm?

It may be time to replace your commercial barrier gate when you notice the following:

1. It has physical damage. Barrier gates operate in high-traffic areas and are at increased risk of collisions with heavy vehicles. Over time, these impacts can cause the arm to become bent or misaligned, compromising its structural integrity. Moreover, rust and corrosion can take their toll on the arm and operator mechanisms, especially if it’s located in a coastal location. Finally, damage from vandalism or intruders can render your gate unusable.

    2. The motor isn’t working properly. If your commercial gate operator is damaged, it may be stiff, slow, or completely unresponsive. This usually means there’s unwanted friction somewhere causing the system to work overtime. These issues are often caused by daily wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, or pests. If your gate opener motor fails, it’s often more cost-effective to replace the entire gate system.

    3. It lacks safety features. Safety is paramount when it comes to commercial and industrial operations. If your barrier arm system is dated and doesn’t have proper safety features, it can cause serious injuries. It’s best to replace your system if its several years old and doesn’t have features like automatic sensors, guards, or audible alarms. These access control and safety features allow vehicles to come and go safely while keeping out unwanted visitors.

    4. You can’t find spare parts. If your barrier arm gate is several years old, you may not be able to find the replacement parts you need, even for a simple repair. If your barrier gate is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be easier to simply replace the entire system.

    5. You’re repairing it a lot. If you’re on a first-name basis with your gate repair technician, it may be time to replace your barrier arm with a new model. Over time, investing in a new barrier arm system may be less expensive than paying for frequent repairs. Instead of trying to inject new life into a dying gate, say goodbye to repairs, downtime, and your repair technician by replacing your barrier arm.

    ambulance with flashing lightd

    Emergency Vehicle Sirens

    When replacing your new barrier arm, look for the latest access control and safety features. For example, some barrier arms can recognize the lights and sirens of emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances, allowing them to pass unobstructed. This is a desirable safety feature for parking lots or gated communities where seconds can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

    Commercial Gate & Access Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is essential to avoid costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your barrier arm. Sign up for a planned maintenance program with Creative Door Services™ and one of our gate experts will visit your property and ensure your gate is operating at peak efficiency. An inspection can identify and fix small issues before they become big problems. The best part is you don’t have to worry about booking the appointments. We keep track of the maintenance schedule and plan our visits around your schedule.

    parking garage barrier arm gate installation

    Barrier Arm Installation, Maintenance, And Repair In Western Canada

    Creative Door Services™ offers several quality barrier gate operators, including the LiftMaster BG790, LiftMaster Mega Arm, FAAC 640, FAAC B680, and FAAC 620. Browse our site to learn more about these products or contact our team today to get help choosing the best system for your parking lot.

    Whether you require a barrier gate or parking security gate for your lot, Creative Door Services™ provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for commercial and industrial customers across Western Canada. Reach out to us at one of our eight locations in Kelowna, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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