Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Fire Doors

Creative Door ServicesTM offers a range of fire doors that have been tested and approved to meet the requirements of the certification agency, the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. In addition, our doors conform to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 80. If you manage a public, commercial, or factory building, a high-quality fire-rated commercial door can provide you with protection in the event of a fire. Here’s what you should know about the lineup of fire doors we carry.

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How Our Fire-Rated Doors Are Constructed

Fire doors are designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke in commercial and industrial buildings. They can be connected to the building's alarm system, so they automatically close in the event of a fire. As such, they can minimize damage, give people more time to evacuate, and reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities. These doors can be installed in various locations throughout a facility to maximize its safety, including at entrances and exits to corridors, in doorways that open to an elevator shaft or stairwell, and between hazardous and non-hazardous areas in a factory.

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Types of Fire-Rated Doors Carried at Creative Door Services

If you want to install fire doors in your facility, there are several great options available. Here are three options to consider:

1.) Wayne Dalton FireStar® fire-rated doors

Wayne Dalton uses one standardized component design for all its FireStar® doors and shutters. This improves the accuracy of installation and reduces the possibility of potential service calls in the future. Wayne Dalton FireStar® doors are factory tested and approved for a minimum of 20,000 cycles, which means they can be used regularly without the risk of premature failure. In addition, they can easily be drop-tested and reset in seconds without the help of a technician. Depending on your facility's needs, you may want to choose the FireStar® 700, 700C, 540, or 550.

The FireStar® 700 features interlocking roll-formed slats and a durable steel hood. The FireStar® 700C boasts similar features but takes things up a notch with three inches of mineral wool insulation. Lastly, FireStar® 540 and 550 shutters are ideal for hospitals, cafeterias, and retail settings and provide unmatched fire protection when paired with Wayne Dalton's fire-rated countertops. As an added bonus, FireStar® doors come in various powder coat finishes and are compatible with accessories such as smoke detectors and safety sensors.

2.) Raynor FireCoil fire-rated door

You can rely on Raynor FireCoil fire-rated doors to protect your property from fire and smoke with its innovative technology and features. FireCoil doors are made of thick, heavy-duty steel and have a four-hour fire-resistance rating. In addition, these doors are guaranteed to work for a minimum of 10,000 cycles, thanks to their heavy-duty torsion springs.

FireCoil fire-rated doors come with fusible links that melt and automatically release at 74 C. The door’s closing mechanism can also be released by smoke and heat detectors, a building’s alarm system, or a solid-state release device. If you need an oversized fire door for your facility, Raynor FireCoil doors are recommended for:

  • Shop or factory openings near combustible materials
  • Buildings with exterior wall openings designed for future expansion
  • Structures with firewall openings that are exposed to extreme climatic conditions

Lastly, FireCoil commercial doors have a one-year manufacturer warranty and come in 87 different colours to complement your building’s style and design.

3.) SDI fire-rated rolling doors

SDI fire-rated rolling doors are made in Canada and built to withstand harsh conditions. SDI fire-rated rolling doors are made of galvanized steel and have a four-hour fire-resistance rating. In addition, they’re equipped with smoke gaskets to seal in noxious fumes that could otherwise cause considerable harm and damage to your facility. Furthermore, these doors come with a 72-hour backup battery to ensure they always work when you need them to. You can also connect SDI fire-rated doors to smoke detectors and sounder strobes to alert occupants and first responders of a fire-related emergency.

Planned Maintenance

If you want to ensure your fire doors work correctly, the team at Creative Door ServicesTM can help. We offer a planned maintenance program to increase the safety and security of your business. One of our trained technicians will regularly visit your facility to thoroughly test the mechanisms on your fire-rated doors to confirm their reliability.

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Your Go-To Source for Fire Doors In Western Canada

Protect your property against fire and smoke and turn to the experienced professionals at Creative Door ServicesTM. We carry an extensive catalogue of fire-rated doors and shutters. In addition, our team offers reliable installation, maintenance, and repair services throughout Western Canada.

To schedule an installation or service call on your commercial fire-rated door, contact us today at one of our eight locations. You can find us in Kelowna, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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