Garage Gift Ideas for Dad

For many dads, the garage is a sanctuary — a place for respite, relaxation, and the odd repair. So, when it comes to deciding on a Father’s Day gift, something that upgrades and enhances the garage is a perfect choice that’s sure to please.

We’ve compiled a list of garage-related gift ideas that are perfect for any type of dad you may have and will show your father you put a little thought into what you’ve given him.

father and son in garage looking at measuring tape and DIY tools

Type 1: The Handyman or DIYer

This dad doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and prefers fixing and building things himself instead of calling in a pro (because to him, he is a pro). These gifts will help him focus on his craft:

Wall workbench

A slatwall panel workshop is a great way to help your dad keep his tools organized so he can spend more time tinkering than searching for his wrench. Strong and durable, these panels are easy to install and come in a range of sizes and colours.

Magnetic tool rack

These racks are stable and prevent clutter in your father’s workstation. Plus, they attach firmly to the slatwall panels mentioned above. Both are available at Garage Strategies.

Storage cabinets

Not only will cabinets help keep your dad’s tools well-organized, but they also add a lot to the interior look of the garage. Garage Strategies offers a wide selection of custom cabinets to choose from and will even design a plan that works for all of his needs and fit your budget.

red wall storage

Tablet/light stand

Two things your dad needs when working on the car or using his tools are 1) a place to hold his tablet so he can watch YouTube instructional videos, and 2) a light to see inside the engine or his workbench. Today, several manufacturers have designed ergonomic stands that serve as both tablet holders and lights. Your dad will be amazed at how these devices make working so much easier.

Garage heater

Make the garage a four-season refuge for Dad with a space heater. Electric models don’t need special venting and run on standard 120-volt power. Also, look for a model with heavy-duty housing that keeps the heating elements away from flammable objects in the garage.

Extension cord reel with extra plugs and power cord

It can be frustrating trying to find enough outlets for all your dad’s electronic devices. That’s why an extension cord reel is so functional. Dad will never have to go very far to find electricity. With extra plugs built right into the reel, your dad has the power to multitask like never before.

son on shoulders playing basketball in front of home garage

Type 2: The Sports Enthusiast

This dad lives and breathes sports — playing, watching, and even coaching them. With all the sporting gear, here are some storage ideas that are sure to be a home run:


These are a super effective way to store larger — and pricier — sporting equipment, such as skis, bikes, and golf clubs. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes that are compatible with slatwall panels.


No, we’re not referring to the wicker basket you might use to pack a light lunch for two. There are plenty of sturdy baskets that are strong enough to hold everything from footballs to soccer balls, to baseball mitts, and more. Garage Strategies offers great options to clean up the clutter and keep your dad’s sporting gear nicely organized.

Tip: add a few new balls to the basket for a nice surprise!


If Dad loves to watch sports on television more than participate in them, get him a projector. Point the projector at the wall and viola! An instant big screen TV is ready so Dad can watch the big game with his friends.

Shelves over the garage door

The space over your garage door is the perfect place to store out-of-season equipment like hockey gear or golf clubs. Help your dad take advantage of every inch of space in the garage by installing some shelving units above the garage door. It’ll free up valuable space elsewhere in the garage for important things like a lounge chair or mini fridge.

Mini fridge

A mini fridge or cooler is a surefire way to impress your father and allow him to cool down without having to go into the house. Stock it with his favourites for bonus points.

Bluetooth speaker

If your dad works out in the garage or enjoys listening to music while puttering away, get him a portable speaker with Bluetooth technology. This way, your dad can stream his favourite tunes from his smartphone.

father and daughter smiling

Type 3: The Practical Thinker

This type of dad is a planner an enjoys making lists. For him, the more something makes sense, the better, which is why these ideas are ones you should ponder:

Planned maintenance

Although it’s not a gift you can wrap, investing in the planned maintenance program from Creative Door Services™ is an awesome gift idea that’ll ensure your garage door performs its best for as long as possible. It’ll also save Dad costs down the road from repairs, which is something he’ll appreciate.


If you don’t mind a little hard labour, a garage cleanup is a great way to show your dad you love him — and it’s free. Just make sure to have some adult supervision to ensure your safety and that you don’t accidentally toss out your father’s favourite pair of old coveralls.

fire extinguisher in garage

Fire extinguisher

Chances are, you have flammable materials, such as paint, oil, and gasoline, stored in your garage. A fire extinguisher can help prevent potential fires from these combustible items or sparks generated from tools in use.

Tip: keep your fire extinguisher mounted on a wall in plain sight, in a spot that’s easily accessible.

Wet/dry vac

The garage can be a messy place, so help your dad keep things spotless with a wet/dry power vacuum. Anything from spilled water to sawdust can be sucked up with ease. Plus, your dad will love how the vacuum helps remove sand, dirt, and fallen potato chips from the interior of the SUV.

Garage security

If your father’s tool and equipment collection is quite valuable, he may appreciate a simple security system for the garage. Some motion-sensor lights or DIY home security cameras might give everyone a little peace of mind. Click here for some more garage security tips.

trendy glass pane garage door with black trim

Type 4: The Trendsetter

This type of dad has all the latest gadgets and likes to stand out in a crowd. Here are a few ways to impress this modern man:

New garage door

Like your dad, the Creative Door Services™ team likes to stay on top of the latest trends and technology, which is why it’ll be easy to find the right garage door to complement your home — and your father’s style. We can chat with you about what you have in mind and give you a free quote, too!

Tip: check out our catalogue to discover all the types of garage door styles.

Garage door opener

Like our garage doors, our universal garage door openers have the latest technology and provide an efficient and quiet response with every use. Your dad will even be able to monitor and control his garage from anywhere in the world.

hose reel for dad

Hose and reel

Summer means lawns, plants, gardens, and flower beds will need to be watered regularly. A good quality hose and reel will ensure Dad can get the yard maintenance done efficiently and won’t require a replacement in a couple of years.

Tip: offer to water the lawn and plants for him to win him over!

Magnetic pick-up tool

Those curse words your dad shouts from the garage will stop as soon as you get him a telescoping magnetic pickup tool. When he drops screws, nails, and tools into hard-to-reach spots, he can just pick them up with his magnet-on-a-stick.

A shiny new car on display in a clean garage

Type 5: The Car Fanatic

This type of dad either has a car he considers another child, or dreams of having a car he’ll consider another child. Whatever the case, you can guarantee his vehicle is always clean. These ideas are sure to rev up his engine:

Parking mats

Garage Strategies’ Park Smart Clean Park mats catch dirt, mud, and grime, keeping your garage floor and home clean. Your dad will love his specially engineered Snap-On edges, which are incredibly easy to install. It never hurts to have a special parking pad to put his beloved automobile on either.

Garage flooring

If your garage currently has a concrete floor, there are steps you can take to get your floor looking new again. If you want to wow your old man, a new polyaspartic Floortex™ floor coating is the way to go. Garage Strategies offers services for both these options, and they’ll even get it done in less than a day — giving your father more time to admire his new floor.

coated garage floors


Additional lighting will not only let your father see his precious car better, but will also improve the atmosphere of the garage. Whether you opt for lighting inside the garage to make it easier to work and move around in, or on the exterior, which will add ambience and security, there are plenty of affordable options out there that will make your father light up.

Hydraulic trolley jack

Changing a tire and doing repair work on the undercarriage is a breeze when you have the right tools. A hydraulic trolley jack minimizes the time and effort it takes to lift cars and trucks. Many models can lift up to 3,000 kilograms and lift a vehicle more than 50 centimetres off the ground.


A creeper is an absolute must for any car fanatic. Your dad will appreciate how a quality creeper takes the stress off his back while working under the car. Plus, some models can easily fold into a chair.

Garage Doors and Accessories in Western Canada

Whatever type of father you have, and whichever idea you choose, your dad will love it. But if you’re looking for help finding the perfect garage-related gift, the experts at Creative Door Services™ are happy to help.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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