Choose the Best Commercial Doors for The Food and Healthcare Industry

Both the healthcare and food industries require high-quality door systems that are easy to maintain and highly secure. Fortunately, Creative Door ServicesTM carries a variety of commercial doors, pedestrian doors, and security grilles that meet the unique needs of these specific environments. Here’s an overview of the commercial doors and grilles we carry.

temperature controlled cold storage room

Fabric doors

High-speed fabric doors are ideal for the healthcare and food industries. For example, the Wayne Dalton ADV-X Model 887 is designed specifically for interior thermal control and is intended for cold food and beverage storage. It can reach an opening speed of 80 inches per second and is made of two layers of PVC-coated polyester with one layer of polyester weave. It also features an insulated curtain with actively heated guides that ensure a uniform temperature and smooth door movement. Additionally, TNR’s Chillfast door has been specially designed to help minimize temperature loss in cold rooms, chill rooms, and freezers.

For pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities, however, the Wayne Dalton ADV-X Model 881 is ideal. It has an airtight design that prevents airborne contaminants from entering a controlled environment and reduces air exchange to no higher than .236 cfm/sf (ASTM E-283). The door’s strutless design lowers the operational noise of the door for quiet and smooth operation. It can also withstand a pressure of up to 7.5 psf, making it an excellent option to separate high- and low-pressure rooms.

wayne dalton 800C

Rolling doors

Rolling doors are ideal for food and medical storage facilities as they provide exceptional thermal insulation. For example, Wayne Dalton’s ThermoTite® 800C rolling door comes in galvanized steel, primed steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and has a wind load rating of up to 20 psf, with optional wind load ratings of up to 55 psf. This insulated rolling door is made up of flat slats that provide a natural watershed, helping to reduce corrosion. Furthermore, the foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation has an R-value of 7.7 to keep your facility at a consistent temperature.

Security grilles

Security grilles are perfect for pharmacy counters, hospital gift shops, restaurants, food stands, storage rooms and more. Wayne Dalton’s Model 600 in particular offers superb security, visibility, and ventilation. You can choose a product made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and customize your grille with a variety of patterns and finishes. Slide bolts or padlockable chains come standard, depending on if you choose a manual push-up, chain, crank, or motor operation. However, additional locking options are available, including cylinder locks and thumb turns. The Model 600 also offers an emergency egress option as an additional security feature.

yellow pedestrian swing doors in a healthcare facility corridor

Pedestrian doors

At Creative Door Services™, we also carry a variety of manual and automatic commercial pedestrian doors that can be customized to the needs of the healthcare and food industries.

For example, our hollow metal doors are effective at preventing unauthorized access to your facility. They’re durable and can resist being tampered with or kicked in. In addition, they can withstand extreme temperatures and be outfitted with weatherstrip, sweeps, and automatic door bottoms to keep dust, debris, and pests out of your facility. Hollow metal doors can also be fire-rated up to three hours.

Nevertheless, our automatic pedestrian doors may be a better choice for busy facilities, as they can help control traffic flow and reduce congestion. In addition, the hands-free operation of automatic doors is ideal for hospitals and food factories where sanitation is essential. Automatic doors can also be made airtight to prevent dirt and dust from entering your business. This is a great solution for operating rooms and other controlled environments such as laboratories.

wayne dalton ADV 881

Specialized Commercial Doors And Grilles for Businesses Across Western Canada

If you need a high-performance commercial door, pedestrian door or security grille that’s suitable for the unique needs of a healthcare or food industry facility, look no further than Creative Door Services™. We carry a variety of models that provide unparalleled speed, design, and hybrid technology for maximum performance. Our expert technicians also provide comprehensive installation, repair and maintenance services.

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