Improving Security for Underground Parking in Buildings

If you own or manage a large-scale residential complex, safety and security are high on your list of responsibilities. A safe environment is crucial for the people who live in your properties. Additionally, visible security systems are a huge value-add, improving the building’s appeal to potential residents. Here’s a useful guide to improving security in your building’s underground parking garage.

well-lit underground parking garage full of cars in multi-storey building

Basic Security Practices

Evidence of regular maintenance and security practices serve as deterrents to would-be intruders or vandals. Therefore, your parking garage’s design and operation are your first line of defence. Ensure the area is well lit, both inside the garage and outside at the entrance and exit. Invest in a backup system so the lights stay on during a power outage.

Keep the grounds outside the building well-maintained. Fencing and gated entrances limit access and communicate to the public that trespassers can’t easily come and go from the property. Strategically placed landscaping elements like hedges can add beauty while blocking unauthorized entry. A tidy dumpster area also signals that there are people keeping an eye on the property.

Physical Barriers

Physical deterrents are a fundamental component of parking garage security. When investing in entrance and exit solutions, consider physical barriers like bollards, roller shutters, and sectional doors. Creative Door Services™ has an extensive inventory of parking garage solutions, including barrier arm security gates, rolling doors, grilles, and sectional doors. A member of our team can advise you on the best solutions for your property.

entrance security gate with barrier arm, keycard pad and video

Video Surveillance

Install security cameras to provide round-the-clock monitoring of your parking garage. Place cameras in critical locations to capture people entering and exiting the garage. Don’t neglect interior traffic spaces like the stairwell and elevator access areas.

These systems provide improved resident safety and enhanced deterrence in real-time, but can also serve as crucial evidence in the event of a break-in. Opt for a camera system with recording and video storage capabilities, so you can refer back to video footage if necessary.

Emergency Call Stations

Give your residents an added sense of safety, knowing they can call for help if they feel threatened. Emergency call systems may be stand-alone towers or wall-mounted units, easy to locate with an identifiable light. They may be equipped with built-in cameras to give remote security officers visibility into the situation. These systems can also be used during emergency situations to broadcast information to people in the parking garage.

A contemporary alternative to an emergency station is a charging area for electric vehicles that provides communication capabilities. It serves as an added amenity for your residents while also providing the security they need.

a businessman safely putting his leather bag in the trunk of his car

Access Controls

A system that controls and monitors people coming and going from your property will heighten security and give your residents peace of mind. Ever-improving technologies, from car remotes to licence plate recognition, are making access control solutions increasingly sophisticated, which means improved security for your building and more convenience for your residents.

Access control provides another source of evidence should an investigation be required. If a crime is committed or a fire breaks out on your property, you’ll have an audit trail of vehicles or individuals coming and going during critical times.

Timely Repairs and Regular Maintenance

Quick repairs are essential to robust security in your parking garage. Poorly maintained doors and access controls leave you defenceless in the moment and send the message to criminals that your property management doesn’t put much effort into security. Make garage repairs a top-line item for your building’s maintenance and educate residents on how to report a malfunctioning entry mechanism.

You can prevent most breakdowns by investing in scheduled maintenance. A technician inspects your access systems at regular intervals and can get ahead of any wear and tear, potentially preventing major malfunctions. When you sign up for planned maintenance with Creative Door Services™, we’ll take care of the scheduling so you’re free to handle your many other property management responsibilities. Learn more about our parking garage door operator repair and replacement!

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Parking Garage Doors, Access Solutions, And Maintenance in Western Canada

Keep your apartment building safe from the ground up with underground parking garage solutions from Creative Door Services™. Choose from our extensive inventory of doors and gates or talk with a team member about a custom build. From physical barriers to access controls to surveillance, we’ve got everything you need to keep your parking garage secure, and we have the skills to keep it all in peak condition.

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